Justice Mapping Center

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Caseload 438 and 636 The Justice Mapping Center works with a number of non-profit organizations and government agencies, including those below. To view some of the reports to which we have contributed, view our Publications page:

  • Columbia University GSAPP, Spatial Information Design Lab
  • Common Ground
  • Family Justice
  • The Arizona State Department of Corrections
  • The Center for Alternative Sentencing and Employment Services
  • The Center for Employment Opportunities
  • The Council of State Governments
  • The International Centre for Prison Studies
  • The JFA Institute
  • The New York State Division of Parole
  • The SAFER Foundation
  • The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  • The United Way
  • The Urban Institute

In the course of its work, the Center has collaborated on data analysis with many government agencies across the country, including:

  • Arizona Department of Corrections
  • Maricopa County Department of Adult Probation
  • Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections
  • Arizona Supreme Court, Office of the Courts, Juvenile Justice Division
  • Arizona Department for Economic Security
  • California Youth and Adult Correctional Agency
  • Connecticut Department of Correction
  • Connecticut Judicial Branch, Court Support Services Division
  • Connecticut Department of Labor
  • Kansas Department of Corrections
  • Kansas Office of Judicial Administration
  • Kansas Department of Labor
  • Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services
  • Wichita Police Department
  • Kentucky Department of Corrections
  • Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections
  • New Jersey Department of Corrections
  • New Jersey Parole Board
  • New Jersey Administrative Office of the Courts
  • New Jersey Juvenile Justice Commission
  • New Jersey Department of Human Services
  • New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services
  • New York State Division of Parole
  • New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance
  • New York City Administration for Children’s Services
  • New York City Departments of Correction and Probation
  • Texas Department of Criminal Justice
  • Dallas County Probation Department
  • Harris County Probation Department
  • Travis County Probation Department